Juicery & Tea Bar

REPLENISH is at the grass roots level of opening eyes to how the most common disease ARE PREVENTABLE through knowledge and nutrition.  We are looking for volunteers, health and nutrition student interns, and nutritionally minded partners and advocates to help us meet our goals. According to a home health nursing organization, over 90% of their cases follow the same pattern: high blood pressure and diabetes which leads to stroke, heart attack, liver and kidney failure, which leads to anxiety and depression. Many of the people I talk with decide since people in their family had____________ (disease), they will too.

High blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, colon diseases and cancers, breast cancer, heart disease, and more- have all been definitively linked to diet!

"Genetics may be the gun, but environment is the trigger."

What you think is very important too. This is why REPLENISH offers resources and information in an effort to equip our customers with what they need to cast out fear and to

detoxify, heal, and .....